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May 22, 2020 Mavericks - Men and Women Who Changed The Game Part II - Sarah- The Mother of Nations

Wondering how The Bible is relevant in our times? Join us on an epic journey and meet a few of the prominent Bible Mavericks. K. A. Perkins - G & P Unlimited Co. CEO - invites you to become a part of the brand new series of Bible testimonies devoted to the actual Mavericks - folks who changed the world.

Perkins’ teaching of these parables will not give you the inspiration that allows you to pursue your goals. Together with K. A. Perkins, you will get to recognize what Fruitfulness and Multiplicity sincerely mean nowadays. These Bible tales will assist you in plunging into a world where you will learn how to dominate! Don’t miss your chance to become part of the hustle lifestyle.

In Part II of Perkins’ modern-day parables series, we see that Sarah the wife of Abraham was more than just the mother of Issac she was Maverick whose faith would go on to create a nation and who hope would make her a legend.